muscle relief

Arthritis+Muscle Relief – Wellness for Golfers

Potent, highly concentrated, and fast acting. You will feel lighter with improved elasticity in the joints to make your swing feel effortless, timing and rhythm improved, and no soreness or stiffness after your round! This is unlike anything you have come across before, a cocktail of powerful active ingredients; consisting of a high percentage of Emu Oil. Enhanced with Camphor, Menthol and MSM – this formula was inspired by experiences and study with traditional Chinese and Taiwanese practitioners. An essential staple for anyone suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, scar tissue or damaged ligaments/tendons, lupus, injuries and bruises, muscle knots/stiffness, and really anywhere there is discomfort or pain. In combination with physical therapy or surgeries you will notice dramatic recovery times. If you have muscle or joint pain – you need to try our balm. It’s incredibly popular because it really works. An important part of our True Score Massage that enriches the experience and benefits for the client. Benefits of your next True Score massage can be expected to last approximately 40-60% longer because of the effectiveness of this product. You can have more fun playing 2 days in a row thanks to the anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties that provide an effect that melts tension and knots in the muscles. Starts working in about 5-10 minutes and lasts on average 8+ hours. All natural, does not conflict with medications. Excellent for neuropathy, reducing pain and inflammation while increasing circulation. Not recommended for use directly or near the eyes as well as private/- sensitive areas.

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BugOff-Organic Natural Repellent

100% Biodegradable & Reef Friendly

No matter where you are in the world, this All natural, super effective repellent works against mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, hornets, black flies, horse flies and ticks. The bugs can be relentless and distracting, with this product your next shot will be taken with confidence and full focus. Our formula rivals DEET for effective performance in any climate – yet is safe for kids, sensitive skin types, and even most pets thanks to herbal infusions from regionally harvested medicinal herbs! Water-based, will not stain clothing, feels light and comfortable on the skin and has a pleasant citrusy scent thanks to the combination of Yarrow and Citronella. Works for hours, even in heavily infested areas such as Costa Rica, The Amazon Rainforest, The Everglades, and other wilderness areas. Not recommended for cats, due to citrus oils. Bugoff, because you’ll have more fun your next round when you’re bug-free!

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Endurance-Natural Deodorant


Designed to endure past the 18th green and keep up with your active lifestyle. Feel fresh all day, this all natural deodorant is very long lasting. The signature True Score aroma is also appreciated, enhancing focus and concentration on a physiological level through the science of Aromatherapy. An incredible value considering one unit lasts 6 months+! Does not stain clothes, extra smooth application, safe for all skin types, does not block pores like an “antiperspirant,” no risk of underarm discoloration, no aluminum or artificial ingredients.

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Ace Lip Balm – Peak Performance Lip Balm

Consistency is the name of the game, apply before your round and likely you are good to go for the rest of the day avoiding chapped lips, irritation, and annoying distractions. Sun protection from organic ingredients will have you sunburn free and ready to play another round tomorrow! If the lips are already chapped, applying a fairly thick layer of the Ace Lip Balm will allow its healing properties to go to work. Even when severe dryness or cracking is present we can expect the healing process to advance quickly, repairing the area in 3-4 hours (depending on severity) while eliminating discomfort or irritation. Play your best, with nothing holding you back or taking your attention from achieving your True Score!

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high performance sunscreen-50

High Performance Natural Organic Sunscreen SPF 50

Unscented – 100% Biodegradable & Reef Friendly

While playing we constantly analyze so many variables for our next shot, and while at the course the elements are constantly in play. To maintain the sharpest focus with ease, we can eliminate one factor that is relentless at causing distraction. By shielding ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays we allow ourselves to achieve our True Score. The advantages you enjoy with this product include: Complete protection that lasts, and a special formulation crafted without aroma and without any ingredient that could irritate the eye area. This sunscreen is pure, when sweating if some gets in your eye you’ll have no irritation that affects your vision and precision. The formula is moisturizing for the skin and made with sensitive skin types in mind, also water resistant for swimming. The Organic High Performance Sunscreen is crafted with no ingredient that harms marine life, completely Reef Friendly!

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Renew for tired legs and muscles-59ml

Naturally Rejuvenates tired feet and legs

Renew, a potent and super fast acting relief lotion that works within minutes to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation, pain, or soreness. Depending on the situation you will consider incorporating this into your warmup for reduced warmup time and more complete warmup experience to reduce injuries and improve performance. Once you’ve reached the back 9 to maintain that fluid swing and to prevent tightness you’ll want to apply some Renew and you will finish the round strong. When you get to the clubhouse or make a stop at the 19th hole you’ll want to apply Renew to improve callousing and minimizing potential blistering while conditioning the hands, applying to your feet and legs will make you feel light, hopefully you’ll even consider a round tomorrow! Your hands will be free of stiffness or soreness and same with the wrists and any other muscle groups, so that your recovery is complete and quick. The sensation you feel comes from a smooth, moisturizing lotion that absorbs completely for a moisturizing and non-greasy finish. Scented with crisp, fresh Clove oil and a splash of Peppermint which provides circulatory support. Unsurprisingly uplifting, the scent absorbs within minutes as part of the treatment. Popularly used for its effectiveness on muscle cramping or leg cramps, neuropathy, edema, varicose veins, Restless Leg Syndrome, aching muscles or joints, and muscle knots. Used in massage for incredibly long lasting relief and benefits and an irreplaceable part of the True Score Golfers’ Massage.

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Flex – Natural Warm up and Recovery Lotion

Liberating the muscles and joints during a warmup routine is of vital importance in every sport and physical activity, but golf demands an even more detailed and complete process. Inadequate warmup before a round or competition can result in bloated scores, discomfort, decreased enjoyment of the round, or even injuries; avoidable displeasures that Flex and proper warmup can prevent! Applying to your hands and wrists will melt away stiffness and improve performance for joints. Apply to your legs and feet for a refreshing and lightening sensation that lasts throughout the round. When competing or playing rounds multiple days in a row you will achieve greater consistency and truer scores. If a stiff neck or muscle knots are persistent apply directly to the area to feel improved alignment return. With Flex you will be able to perform at your highest level day after day and enjoy the game in ways you never have before.

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Sun Recovery-36 ml

The best days to play are clear and sunny. Enjoy your entire day without the feeling of taking a chance for sun damage. Sun Recovery is a supremely effective and versatile product. Sunburns turn to bronzed tans overnight. Total relief from itchiness, discomfort, flaking, and redness thanks to the incomparable levels of antioxidants, aloe vera, healing essential oils and wild herbs, Moringa, and Emu oil. Sun Recovery works on the cellular level to bring you unparalleled results no matter where you are in the world. Preventing and combating skin cell damage from the sun is the best way to avoid skin cancer while taking advantage of the beneficial properties of the sun’s rays.

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Distance Moringa Capsules – 100% Organic Moringa

Go the distance and finish your round feeling as good as when you started. Organic Moringa is the secret to playing strong all day long. In 2012 in the ORAC Study it was found that Moringa has the highest amount of antioxidants in the world. It’s literally the best superfood that exists, and in 2018 Moringa was declared Superfood of the Year by several major publications The US Food and Agricukture Organization. You can expect your immune system to be strengthened, digestive system improved, cardiovascular system in better balance, and your overall energy will feel elevated throughout the day.

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Golfer’s Secret

All the best golfers have some sort of secret, don’t they? The only accessory that you’ll want clipped onto your bag, on demand so you have your favorite True Score products at hand to enhance your experience, your enjoyment, and hopefully your score too. Golf is a mental game, and you’ll play with more confidence and consistency through the entire round thanks to the advantages that the Golfers’ Secret offers you to block out external factors and distractions. 6 essential products are carried by the Product Caddie for you, everything you will need today; and although the sizes look small, they will last. 3-10+ rounds so you’ll be at your highest level.


  • True Score Golf Performance Aromatherapy .7 ml
  • High Performance Natural Sunscreen 7 ml
  • BugOff Organic Repellent 7 ml
  • Renew for tired legs and muscles 7 ml
  • Arthritis + Muscle Relief 7 g
  • Ace Lip Balm 4.2 g (full size)

From warmup to recovery you will feel the incomparable and luxurious benefits.