The best ingredients deliver powerful and effective formulas

Our formulas have been developed by expert chemists using premium carrier oils and active ingredients to deliver immediate results and naturally treat Golfer’s Elbow, pain and stiffness, while achieving fast and complete recovery. 
Our Collection includes CBD and Non CBD products.

The Best Carrier Oils Make the Difference

Our main active ingredients are powerful carrier oils that help ingredients penetrate deeper than they can penetrate alone, stimulate collagen production, and enhance cell regeneration. 
This is what makes our formulas deliver IMMEDIATE AND LONG LASTING RESULTS.

Organic Moringa Oil – 100% Plant Based

relief for golfers elbow

Top source of antioxidants in the world, rich on oleic acid and vitamin E, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help improve acne while providing anti-aging and mega-hydration benefits.

This makes Moringa the perfect ingredient to use for all skin types. It also nourishes the skin, stimulates circulation, and prevents and reverts damage caused by free radicals.

Pure Emu Oil Grade A

Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, and Omegas 3, 6, and 9, Emu oil is the most powerful natural ingredient to heal and regenerate skin cells, extremely effective in treating skin conditions.

It is a natural analgesic with remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. This makes Emu oil the best ingredient to treat arthritis, golfer’s elbow, joint pain, and any discomfort caused by inflammation.     

Emu oil also increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, improves and prevents damaged skin, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks or scars. 

Highly moisturizing and restoring. Also highly effective to speed up the healing process of the skin.

Emu oil is a Bi-product. Emus are raised for human consumption.


“I am very grateful to True Score! I’ve been using all of the products to improve and enhance my golf game and I’ll be keeping it up!”

Kenji Murayama, PGA Latin America after trying True Score and making a Hole in One

Highly Recommend

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Works Fast!

“It worked faster than a lot of products that I’ve tried before, it worked in 10 minutes!”

Dennis More

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“I golfed 18 holes without pain for the first time in years, thank you so much.”

Laura T.

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“I use the arthritis cream and it was a miracle!”

Joe R.