True Score is originally a scientific term used to describe a factor or variable (score) used in an experiment or analysis that is


True Score has been developed to TAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. We have founded Performance Driven Wellness in order to share our 20 years experience and expertise in the Wellness industry to enhance your performance and confidence on and off the course, whenever you need to be at your best.

The Golf Performance Aromatherapy is the first product that we developed, and it is already revolutionizing the way the game is played and enjoyed. During the first tournament sponsored by us, The Akron Experience with Carlos Ortiz and Álvaro Ortiz, from the PGA tour, TWO holes in one were made within one group of each other (4 shots or less) right in front of Carlos Ortiz, something statistically almost impossible! The winner took home a brand new 2020 Maserati Volante and everyone was extremely impressed with their outcomes, especially the PGA Professional Kenji Murayama, who is now sponsored by us. He made the second hole in one, won an all expenses paid trip, and his group won the tournament, taking home the trophy, a truly stunning sculpture of a Jaguar with Huichol style art used to decorate it! The impact we are having on the game itself is incomparable.