What can I use to protect my lips from the sun, while playing golf?

Fall is a beautiful season to hit the golf course! But before you head out for a day on the links, make sure you protect your lips from the sun. Sun exposure can lead to lip cancer, so it’s important to use a sunscreen that will protect your lips.

We are the golf wellness brand that provides wellness products for athletes and golfers. The active ingredients that we use: pure Emu oil and pure Moringa oil help to deeply moisturize the skin and protect from sun damage.

Why is it important to protect your lips?

The lips are one of the most sun-exposed areas of your body. They don’t have any melanin, which is the pigment that helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This means that your lips are much more likely to get sunburned than other parts of your body.
In addition to causing sunburn, exposure to the sun can also lead to lip cancer. Lip cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lips. It’s not as common as some other types of cancer, but it can be deadly if it’s not treated.
That’s why it’s important to use sunscreen that will protect your lips when you’re playing golf or any other outdoor activity.

How to protect your lips from the sun?

There are a few different things that you can do to protect your lips from the sun. One is to use a sunscreen that’s specifically designed for lips. But the best option is to choose an organic lip balm that has SPF protection, so that way you are moisturizing your lips at the same time.
In addition you can also protect your lips by wearing a hat. This will help to shade your lips from the sun.

Finally, you can also protect your lips by avoiding exposure to the sun during the peak hours of the day. The sun is most harmful between 10 am and 2 pm, you can also book your tee time avoiding those hours.

At True Score Golf, we believe that it’s important to protect your lips from the sun, while protecting the environment. That’s why we offer a healing lip balm with SPF 25 that’s specifically designed for sensitive lips and offers complete protection, no matter where you are!

Healing Lip Balm

Our Ace Lip Balm will help to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun. The antioxidant properties of organic ingredients will keep you safe from sunburn while providing long-lasting moisture. You’ll look fresh and youthful, with a dose of SPF protection that’s perfect for playing another round tomorrow! If the lips are chapped, apply a thick layer of the Ace Lip Balm to allow its healing effects to work.

Even if severe dryness or cracking is present, we can anticipate the healing process to move swiftly, mending the region in three to four hours (depending on severity) while also relieving discomfort or irritation. Use your skills and talents to their full potential! Nothing will distract you from attaining your True Score if you put your mind to it!